The US government is considering taking legal action against the EU for its continued embargo on the commercial use of genetically modified crops. It believes the effective moratorium on the use of GM crops by six of the 15 EU states is in breach of international law. It also believes the recently introduced legislation on GMO labelling is illegal. "I'm very strongly considering bringing a WTO action," trade secretary Robert Zoellick told the US Congress Ways and Means Committee. He said the US was likely to seek allies to bring the case. "Right now, they're not approving a darn thing and we think the traceability and labelling rules are unworkable." No new GMO varieties have been approved in the EU since 1998 when the six countries obstructing the use of GM crops insisted that fresh legislation on approvals, labelling and traceability had to be applied before they would consider lifting the ban. Obstruction by the six has prevented imports of GM variety maize and soya from being marketed in the EU. l See Letters, p18 {{NEWS }}