The US organics industry is predicted to grow at 18%-25% a year for the next five years, considerably outpacing the 2%-3% growth in conventional food, according to a study by Rabobank. Although it represents just 2% of the US food market, the $9bn organics industry is moving into the mainstream as mass market grocery retailers start to take it seriously, the report claims. The implementation of USDA endorsed national standards for organic foods in October this year is also expected to drive the market by eliminating confusion in the industry, which has so far been operating under a patchwork of state rules, says the report. The new regulation requires at least 95% of ingredients in foods labelled organic to be certified by an USDA accredited agency. As producers are discovering this side of the Atlantic, however, the issue of price is critical. Too much of a premium discourages consumers, while narrowing the premium could take away the financial incentive to farmers to go organic. {{NEWS }}