Sir; Responsible veggies recognise the challenge in the diets of children and in school meals, as well as the interest of the many children in the sources of the food on their plates, especially when of animal origin (Don't let our kids be brainwashed, Letters, May 11). A long history of indoctrination and habit, abetted by a torrent of advertising, has aroused concerns over nutrition and the need to broaden the educational purview and to accommodate the relevance of meat-free and dairy-free products that the food industry is introducing successfully into the market. These commodities feature in editorial and advertising content of The Grocer. Revelations of the food borne diseases culminating with E.coli 157 and BSE, and of scourges such as foot and mouth, teach a lesson that escaped the author of the letter, Stephanie Spiers of Milk for Schools Trust. BSE originated and has been maintained in the dairy/beef/veal herd. Better to turn beans, peas and grains in gleaming stainless steel vats into milks and dairy products than to ask farmers to stuff dubious concentrates into mastitic and miserable cows yielding secretions from udders designed to suckle baby calves, not human milksops, young or old. Alan Long Hon research adviser Vegetarian Economy & Green Agriculture {{LETTERS }}