Pigs and poultry from some Dutch and Belgian farms are under strict movement controls following a dioxin scare.
Feed given to livestock, which originated from a Belgian rendering plant, was found to contain the cancer-causing chemical.
Robert Smith, head of marketing and communications for Vion UK, the UK’s largest importer of Dutch pork, said: “The number of farms affected in the Netherlands is very small - 275 in total, comprising just 200 pig farms.
“The Dutch government blocked livestock movements on these units on January 29, as soon as it was confirmed that the feed was contaminated with dioxin. And these measures will remain in place until tests have been carried out.”
European Commission experts met on Monday to discuss the measures put in place by the Dutch and Belgian authorities to prevent meat from animals that could be contaminated from entering the food chain.
“They said they were satisfied with the actions taken,” said Smith.
Only South Korea has banned the import of pork from Belgium and the Netherlands as a result of the discovery.