n Group sales up 18.7% to £33.6bn
n Group pre-tax profit up 17.6% to £1.6bn
n UK sales up 16.3% to £26.9bn
n Like-for-like sales up 6.7%
n International sales up 29% to £6.7bn. Profit up 44% to £306m
n 45.4 million sq ft of selling space across 2,318 stores worldwide
n 1,922 stores in the UK, including 83 Extras, 446 superstores, 161 Metro and 277 Express. Plus 910 T& S stores and 45 stores from Adminstore
n Tesco.com: sales up 29% to £577m with a profit of £28m, up from £12m last year.
n 326,000 staff worldwideincluding the first Extra in Ireland at Clare Hall in Dublin, and 51 other stores, which will add 1.4 million sq ft of selling space in Asia and 1.6 million sq ft in the rest of Europe.
Tesco is keen to enter China, but dismissed suggestions it has
delayed too long. Chairman David Reid said: “We don’t feel we’re missing the boat in China as it is early days. But with the WTO coming in and barriers being unwound, we’re optimistic that if we found the right partner we could achieve scale.”