Computeractive, the fortnightly computer title from VNU, is changing to super A4 size (300 x 226mm) for more prominence on shelf. Since its launch in 1998 Computeractive has been a larger size than all other computer magazines, which meant some retailers positioned it behind other magazines in order to accommodate its size. Publisher VNU says that as 45% of readers first see the magazine on the news stand, it is important that it has a prominent on-shelf position. VNU says the new size ­ will be on shelf from January 24 (issue no 103). Publisher Simon Haisman is also hoping the move will boost the retail revenue of the title: "Through the resizing of the magazine we are sure Computeractive will appeal to both retailers and readers alike. "Giving Computeractive a more prominent position on the news stand, while maintaining the same editorial proposition, will enable our readers to see what the magazine will be offering each fortnight more clearly. It will also enable us to attract new readers," he says. VNU has announced that it is also giving the publication increased support on the news stand throughout 2002, with cover and retail promotions as well as brand extensions for the magazine. Computeractive, which has a news stand ABC of 226,689 (Jan-Dec 2000), has a news stand value of £7.1m. {{CTN }}