Vodafone appears to be backing down in the face of a retailer revolt over margins on its new e-voucher product.
Vodafone electronic payment method manager Steve Elliot said: “I am confident that a conclusion to negotiations with solutions providers is imminent.”
He said a letter was being sent out to solution providers explaining a new deal, and
e-vouchers would be on general sale by the year-end.
Sources said the deal would bring commissions in line with all Vodafone’s top-up products.
Vodafone has faced a huge retailer revolt in the last three months over plans to phase in e-vouchers with 0.5% lower commission rates than on its other top up products.
PayPoint marketing and network development manager Peter Binns said PayPoint would offer e-vouchers imminently after Vodafone cleared the “final hurdle” of margins. “We are keen to ensure the product is attractive to agents in terms of margins,” he added. “We know the history of top-up margins.”
Post TS has offered e-vouchers since they were first issued, but around 4,000 of its retailers are refusing to sell them.
MD Rupert Lowery said: “All 11,500 of our outlets have the capability to offer it, some retailers may choose not to.”