Growing big teeth and zombie-like obsession are two of the reactions to meat snacks in a new TV ad campaign for cooked meats brand Mattessons, its first in 20 years.
Backed by a £7m marketing spend, the ads take a ‘Bring out your carniverous side’ theme and aim to create a wacky personality for the brand.
Hitting screens next week, they take an irreverent look at how desperate meat lovers can become when deprived. Print ads and sampling will follow.
The campaign focuses predominantly on Fridge Raiders - bite-sized pieces of chicken breast in a snack pack - which were launched last October. Senior brand manager Sarah Power described the product as “the biggest snacking innovation to hit the cooked meats fixture in years”.
All products in the £45m brand, which also includes Sliced Cooked Meats, Smoked Pork Sausage and Turkey Rashers, have been reformulated to boost taste and health credentials.