Wal-Mart chief executive Lee Scott has admitted his job is on the line over the company's performance in Germany. When asked if Wal-Mart would withdraw in three or four years' time if its operations were still not profitable, Scott replied: "If they're not profitable by then I won't be around to make the decision." Scott, speaking at last week's GDI international retail conference in Switzerland, said so far the foray into Germany had been a failure'. "It was not the market that determined our fate. It was our actions," he said. Scott is now pinning his hopes on the new European management team, headed by former Canadian CEO Dave Ferguson, responsible for turning Wal-Mart's Canadian operation from its "biggest problem" to its most profitable division. One of the biggest mistakes had been to listen to those who said Wal-Mart culture was not applicable in Germany, said Scott. This, he now realises, is "hogwash". - Scott said he could "not think of a good reason" to change the name of Asda to Wal-Mart. But he does want customers to know that Asda is part of Wal-Mart. {{NEWS }}