Elaine Watson True Taste ­ an umbrella brand for top quality Welsh food and drink ­ will make its debut on supermarket shelves in October, when a new accreditation and awards scheme gets under way. Products judged to be of superior taste and quality by a panel of experts will display a new kitemark with the strapline, Wales the True Taste. A variation of the mark can be used by winners of the new True Taste awards scheme, to be announced in November. True Taste backer the Welsh Development Agency stressed the logo was not just another assurance mark. WDA food directorate programme manager Paul O'Donovan said the mark signalled a premium product rather than a farming standard. "This is a bit like Tesco Finest, or Sainsbury Taste the Difference. It's a mark of taste and quality, not about process or assurance." The market opportunity for Welsh branded products is huge, said WDA agri-food director Wynfford James. "Most people have positive feelings about Wales, which is perceived as a traditional farming environment. The kitemark substantiates that." Far from confusing consumers, initiatives like True Taste or Scotland the Brand bring in a "diversity of opportunity for marketing food products," said James. The criteria underpinning the accreditation scheme are robust and scientific, he added. "You can't just slap this on anything. Products will be benchmarked to be best in class by a panel of experts, using scientific procedures." A True Taste ad campaign follows in the autumn. {{NEWS }}