Britons spend £3bn a year in the high street on pre-packed sandwiches which according to consumer watchdogs are often not up to scratch.

A Which? report described many sandwiches from the high street as “stale, past their best, or rubbery”. None of the 36 sandwiches from 12 retailers scored a maximum 10 out of 10 in the “blind” taste test by a panel.

The Which? team tested the three most popular fillings of cheese, chicken and tuna, and said that with some costing up to £3, many were overpriced and at times, underfilled.

Tesco had the best-rated tuna sandwich with seven out of 10.

Waitrose’s chicken salad sandwich at £1.70 was considered the best.

High street bakers Greggs fared best with its cheese sandwiches, but Boots, Waitrose, Tesco, and Asda were at the bottom of the table.

The Which? report noted that if “you really want a satisfying sandwich for lunch, you might as well get up early and make your own”.