Farmers For Action is gearing up for sustained action against retailers in a protest over “grossly excessive” margins as Christmas approaches.
The organisation is assessing farmer views on strike action - where there would be “no movement of any stock in the UK, together with fruit, vegetables and grain, and the withholding of 50% of all milk from every producer”. The suggested dates for the strike are November 2-4.
FFA boss David Handley wants 3ppl of milk margin to move from retailers to farmers. Rather than any withheld milk being dumped, FFA says it would be turned into powder and donated to aid agencies.
Handley said: “The retailers need to know we as an industry no longer intend to be raped on a daily basis.
“The Government has failed us, the OFT has failed us and the time has come for primary producers to show we have had enough.”
To be successful, however, the strike plan would require co-operation from supermarket suppliers, all of whom would be unlikely to jeopardise their trading relationships.