Virtual farmers market LocalFoodShop has set out its stall to attract 2,000 more suppliers by promoting seasonal produce more heavily.

The website, which was launched last September, allows users to buy more than 5,700 products direct from 270 local producers.

Site founder Anthony Davison said focusing on the seasonality of produce would attract more producers to the site and show users the range of products available.

Users did not always return to the site if they only found a few producers listed in their area, he said.

"Rather than focusing purely on shopping locally, we want to focus on seasonal promotions such as the Great British sausage or local game," he said. "We're planning a turkey campaign this Christmas because turkey did very well on the site last year."

The site would create food weeks for any product that currently didn't have a dedicated week, he added. "Once we get people in on that hook, they will see that there is a lot of other local food they can buy," he said.

LocalFoodShop was also developing technology to encourage producers to update their pages more regularly, said Davison. Those that didn't would see the icon on the local sourcing map that represented them get smaller.