De Agostini is launching the partwork series The Official Star Wars Fact File on December 27, and backing it with a £1.2m TV advertising campaign. The launch ties in with next year's Star Wars movie, Attack of the Clones. The weekly series will form a guide to everything Star Wars, with snippets from the films. The TV campaign will be concentrated into two weeks and will coincide with the issue one on sale date. De Agostini is also offering retailers support via innovative PoS display materials, including hanging mobiles and counter packs. De Agostini marketing director James Franks said: "We believe the collection will be a massive hit this holiday season with both children and families, as Star Wars has the unique ability to cross gender and generation gaps. As with all De Agostini products these magazines are extremely high-quality and both the consumer and the newsagent will benefit from the strong collectibility factor." Presented in loose-leaf format, the pages can be stored in a special binder, which is free with issue two, plus special Star Wars dividers will be complimentary with issue four. The Official Star Wars Fact File issue one goes on sale on Thursday, December 27, at a special introductory price of 99p, with subsequent weekly issues priced at £1.99. Issue two comes with a free binder and issue four comes complete with free dividers. {{CTN }}