It's funny how our stories are often picked up by newspapers and other media organisations keen to report on our industry.

We don't usually mind since our colleagues on the nationals are terribly nice and will often namecheck us in their articles to acknowledge the source.

Not always, though. Those of you browsing last weekend's edition of the Sunday Mirror may have experienced a bit of déjà vu when reading the stories 'Orange is not the only suit' and 'Nimble's back in £1m ads'.

The first story was about Sainsbury's decision to ditch its garish uniforms following complaints from staff, while the second was about the relaunch of slimming bread Nimble.

And they bore an uncanny ­resemblence to two stories in our 22 July issue, namely: 'Sainsbury set to revamp uniforms' and 'Slimming bread gets a Nimble overhaul'.

It was probably just a happy coincidence. As, no doubt, was the Sunday Mirror story in the same edition headlined 'Schools Kit War', which rang a bell with the reporter who wrote 'Greater ties with uniform market?' in our 15 July issue.