from Martin Paterson, deputy director general, Food and Drink Federation

Sir; The joint pledge by the Food and Drink Federation and the key bodies in the farming, retail, hospitality and advertising industries to work together to help find solutions to problems such as obesity won’t be a flash in the pan.
This initiative follows the historic joint submission from the food chain to government on its Food and Health Problem Analysis, earlier this year.
FDF and the industry it represents have a long history of working with government and agencies such as the FSA on food and health issues.
We have, for almost a decade now, been promoting a healthy lifestyle and balanced diet through Foodfitness, the Federation’s consumer information programme. In addition, individual UK food suppliers are spending millions on their own community-based lifestyle initiatives.
We’ve always said the way forward on food and health issues is to involve the entire food chain, government, educators and consumers to achieve realistic solutions.
There are no quick fixes, but we’re in it for the long haul and willing to play our part.