Sir; First the headline: Consumers see GM foods back on sale in two years' (The Grocer, March 23, p5). Then come the contradictory facts: third of respondents said they expected to see the products widely on sale within two years.' So surely the real headline is Most consumers do not see GM food back on sale'? Considering that these consumers were actually trade show attendees who paid a visit to the Agricultural Biotechnology Council stand (sponsored by Monsanto, Aventis and Dupont) and had heard the arguments for GM foods before responding, the fact that fully two thirds of them still saw no future for GM is what really merits a headline. Ever since its PR campaign in 1998 Monsanto has found that the more you educate consumers about GM the less enthusiastic they become. The story behind your headline confirms that little has changed. Craig Sams President Whole Earth Foods {{LETTERS }}