Sir; I really do think that independent retailers are a load of moaning minnies and whingeing willies in their attack on the supermarkets' tactic of "browsing" (The Grocer, September 8, p12). They are simply wasting their time and breath complaining that the multiples are going to open 30 minutes earlier. The big stores open for far longer than most small stores anyway, so what difference is half an hour going to make? I am an independent c-store owner and have run a successful business for the last 22 years by concentrating on what I do best and ignoring Asda, Tesco and the like. We control our own destiny and we simply have to make that count. We know ­ or should know ­ our customers by name; we must strive to provide them with the services that the multiples are unable to. Albert Dawson Blackpool {{LETTERS }}