Food inflation dropped to 7.5% last month as the falling price of wheat and vegetables helped bring prices down.

The figure was down from the 9.1% growth recorded in September, according to data from the British Retail Consortium. Month-on-month, inflation fell to 0.1%.

It follows figures released by The Grocer on Saturday which found fruit and vegetable prices were rising far slowly than before. The price of apples, onions, carrots, standard tomatoes, oranges and lettuce all fell month-on-month.

“After a painful climb to the food inflation peak we’re now accelerating down the other side,” said BRC director-general Stephen Robertson. “It’s falling more rapidly and we’re now at the lowest rate since May.”

With oil and wheat thirty per cent down on a year ago, and the battle on for every pound customers have to spend, retailers are rushing to pass the benefits on.”

See this Saturday’s edition of The Grocer for further information on food inflation.