Jam doughnuts could be sold as a 'healthy snack' if MEPs ditch nutrient profiling, consumer group Which? has warned.

The European Parliament's Environment, Public Health & Food Safety Committee has voted in favour of ending nutrient profiling – although support from the Parliament and EU governments would be needed to implement the move.

Which? said foods categorised as high or medium for fat, sugar and salt under UK guidelines could make health claims under more lax EU proposals.

"When foods like jam doughnuts can make health claims, then it's time to go back to the drawing board," said chief executive Peter Vicary-Smith.

"Ditching nutrient profiles is like throwing the baby out with the bath water as it paves the way for all manner of unhealthy foods to claim to have health benefits.

"The only way to address this is to keep nutrient profiles, but with more scientifically robust criteria to ensure consumers aren't misled by foods making spurious health claims."

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