Whole Foods Market is eyeing further UK store openings next year.

The retailer is considering new stores in Birmingham, Manchester and Canary Wharf, said Rick Bonin, head of Whole Foods Market's UK business. The Grocer revealed in March that Whole Foods Market was sounding out a possible store in Birmingham.

“We feel very confident that we'll be seeing sites announced in the next fiscal year,” he told the Daily Mail.

“We would love to be in Birmingham, Manchester and Canary Wharf. We have not signed any leases yet but we are definitely looking.”

Denying reports Whole Foods Market's Kensington store was failing to meet sales targets, Bonin added: “We wouldn't be investing in increasing the size of our support team in the UK if we were intending to go home. There is a market for us in the UK and when we are able to offer our brand to a wider range of people there will be even stronger demand.”