Wholesale double runs for national daily newspapers dropped by more than 3,600 during August and by more than 1,300 for Sunday papers. Figures from the Association of Newspaper and Magazine Wholesalers show the totals of 7,256 re-runs for dailies and 682 for Sundays were the second lowest for September 1999 to August 2000. The Independent, which was responsible for more than 3,300 double runs in July, halved its total to 1,179 while the Daily Mirror cut its re-runs by more than 1,000 during August. However the Mirror was still responsible for the highest number of double runs during that month with 1,487. There were increases for three titles: the Daily Express, the Guardian and the Financial Times. In the Sunday market, neither the Sunday Express nor the Independent on Sunday needed any re-runs during August. With just one exception ­ the Sunday Mirror ­ every Sunday newspaper saw their number of double runs fall. {{CTN }}