Alcohol wholesale buying group UBS has teamed up with confectionery and tobacco specialist Sugro to create a group with a combined turnover of £1bn. The cashless deal makes their combined force the biggest in the Today's Group ­ which has a turnover of £5.9bn, and gives them a "substantial" share of the wholesale market. Although it will continue to operate independently, UBS ­ which now has 10 members ­ will close its London office to move to Sugro's Nantwich headquarters. A spokeswoman stressed no jobs were under threat and said there were no plans to merge the two companies under one umbrella name. "The deal is designed to give maximum benefit to both parties, as well as suppliers and retailers," she added. She said these would come from the overlap between the different sectors in which the company operated, and would involve logistics and supplier relationships. She also hinted retailers would benefit from combined deals, but refused to confirm details. {{NEWS }}