Groupe Danone is extending its corporate responsibility guidelines throughout its global operations after a trial in 10 countries last year. Danone Way is a self-assessment review conducted through an internet site. It is designed to raise awareness of Groupe Danone's values and to help group businesses assess practices and set priorities in all areas of corporate responsibility. Groupe Danone vice-chairman and CEO Jacques Vincent told delegates that globalisation had brought new issues regarding staff management, product quality and the environment. "It is no longer just how much money you make but how you make money," he said. "We have employees with new backgrounds and new horizons in socially and politically diverse environments. We have taken over working companies with their own culture, attitude and history. The issue is how to maintain a common vision," he said. The internet questionnaire contains 130 questions with four answers to each. Managers and staff rate their company practices by ticking the most appropriate answer. "The important thing is that each company knows where it stands now. It can then map out its target for two years time, deciding where it wants to make progress and designing action plans," said Vincent. {{NEWS }}