Office of Fair Trading CEO John Fingleton was named as Britain's highest-paid civil servant this week.

Fingleton, who was last week named Top Influencer in The Grocer's Power List, took home between £275,000 and £280,000 last year.

He is one of 170 civil servants earning more than the Prime Minister, according to figures made available as part of a transparency drive by the new government.

David Cameron faced a question about civil servants' pay in his first Prime Minister's Question Time this week.

He proposed that no civil servant should earn more than 20 times the lowest-paid member of staff in the organisation.

Under the proposed policy, the lowest-paid member of his team would need to be paid a minimum of £13,750 for Fingleton to maintain his salary.

Cameron also congratulated Denys Shortt, CEO of DCS Europe, for reaching the regional final of Ernst & Young's Entrepreneur of the Year competition.