Gallaher is continuing to focus on the value-for-money end of the cigarette market by bringing out a £4 pack of its Winston brand.
The new arrival follows the launch of the B&H Silver pack priced at up to 50p less than its Gold sibling, and a £2.19 handrolling tobacco kit under the Mayfair name.
The aim behind the Winston launch is to encourage trial among urban, young adult smokers, while giving retailers a profit margin of 29.2p per pack. According to the company, while many smokers trade up to quality American blend brands at weekends, they smoke value-for-money brands during the week.
Initial distribution for the newcomer, which comes in a red pack of Full flavour (10mg tar) and Smooth (7mg tar) in gold, is restricted to Manchester and the area within the M25.
Value-for-money accounts for around a third of the total cigarette market and is the area driving growth.