Golden Wonder is moving into the adult snacks market with the launch of Duets, an ambient snack and dip combination. Extending the brand beyond just crips, Duets will be on shelf in the major multiples from next Saturday (March 16), taking the brand into territory dominated by Walkers' Doritos and Procter and Gamble's Pringles. The snacks are longer versions of sub-brand Wheat Crunchies and the dips come in sour cream and chives, salsa and onion and garlic flavours, with an rsp of £1.49. Marketing support will focus on sampling and PoS. Consumer advertising may follow if consumer response is strong enough, said commercial director Paul Monk. The launch follows the arrival of kids' snack Goalden Balls and Quite Strong crisps. The company plans more newcomers later in the year. {{P&P }}