The Food Industry Panels Group, a consortium of trade associations, hopes to persuade insurers to reassess risk as members report huge rises in property cover.
A spokeswoman said a survey of members revealed massive insurance hikes in 2002, with the smallest percentage rise a 53% jump to £1.8m.
The Food Industry Panels Group has published Fire Risk Minimisation Guidance, at £75 to non-members and £40 to members. And the group is working with the Association of Insurers and Risk Managers to persuade the insurance industry to sign up to the guidance.
It includes steps to risk manage composite panels, which are highly combustible, but used in the food sector because they are an effective insulator. These have played a large part in soaring premiums.
A spokeswoman said: "Our aim is to get this document into the industry to control risk. We are hoping it creates a win-win situation."

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