BP is building what it claims will be the world's most environmentally friendly forecourt store in Hornchurch, Essex. The Hornchurch BP Connect takes all the green initiatives used by the company in sites around the world and puts them on a single site, said a spokesman. As part of the company's new "holistic approach to sustainable retailing" the site will generate half of its own power from three wind turbines and solar panels installed in the roof. The rest will be supplied from renewable energy sources provided by London Electricity. An energy saving system redirects excess heat from refrigerators to heat the floor. Waste water will be treated with reed bed technology, which breaks down oil contaminants using bacteria growing on the roots of reeds, and the site is being landscaped to encourage local wildlife. Only biodegradeable cleaners will be used to clean the forecourt, which will recycle its waste and sell a new range of organic and Fairtrade products. The organic range will initially be small as consumer reactions are gauged. The store is a pilot and it will be several months before any decision is made about the concept's development. {{NEWS }}