Wrap is set to publish a raft of new data on the environmental impact of the world’s top 50 grocery staples next week, in a move it claims will help co-ordinate global sustainability efforts.

Backed by all the major supermarkets and big suppliers, including P&G, Unilever and Nestlé, the launch under its Product Sustainability Forum will enable suppliers and retailers across the world to tap into data including ‘heat maps’ showing the products’ greenhouse gas emissions, water use and waste among other environmental impacts.

The launch follows a meeting of the International Network of Product Sustainability Initiatives (INPSI) in Paris last month, at which groups such as the PSF, the Consumer Goods Forum and the Walmart-led Sustainability Consortium met to agree joint commitments on environmental issues, including ramping up the synergies across different countries’ supply chains.

“We hope this information will be very visual, very easy to use and be a very practical guide on how they can reduce their environmental impact by targeting he biggest hotspots,” said Mark Barthel, special adviser and head of design at Wrap.