Sir; Neil Jones (Letters, March 16) should examine what category management is all about. Shall we start with the consumer, because it all works back from there? Consumers will purchase a product from the most appropriate location, through the shopping list, but will also buy on impulse. Why not then merchandise at every opportunity to the benefit of all parties to the transaction? Having worked for both ABF and Manor Bakeries I understand that through efficient food chain management we miss the benefits of the traditional van salesperson who, perhaps through the nature of the job, was a good category manager on a local basis. A conversation with Nestlé about Kit Kat and Wrigley about their brands should give an indication of where to merchandise a product range ­ at least two locations in any store. Why not talk to your buyers about more space ­ perhaps in another aisle. It might build your business and keep your competitors on their toes. Then everyone wins and the consumer will tell you so with that extra product in the trolley which could be from your company. Roger Connors Managing director Harbinger Management Consultancy Hereford {{LETTERS }}