If you have already taken up the recommendations in the article (left) and gone one step further by adding butchery to your mix, then be reminded that you need a licence to sell raw meat alongside the ready-to-eat stuff. Failure to hold such a licence after November 1 will be a criminal offence. The Food Standards Agency is worried about cross-contamination so it is only if you have a mixture of raw and cooked that you need apply. And if you do, then do so quickly because you were supposed to apply by October 4 (although an agency spokesman indicated that the officials won't take a tough stance if retailers are a tad late). You should also know that, from April, the 499 local authorities responsible for ensuring the food safety of some 600,000 food establishments will have to work to a common standard. What this will probably mean is more visits from environmental health and trading standards officers. {{GROCER CLUB }}