from Sally Stanley, marketing director, Highland Spring
Sir; re the Saturday Essay on obesity (The Grocer, February 15). It's not only the food industry that has a role to play in reducing the numbers of overweight and obese children. The drinks industry must also play its part as healthy drinking is essential to a balanced diet.
Highland Spring recently commissioned major research from Youth TGI and the shocking findings show that nearly a fifth of seven to 10-year-olds consume nearly 10 cans of fizzy drinks a week; 80% of these are bought by parents and 75% are drunk at home. Think of the number of spoonfuls of sugar in each can ­ it adds up to nearly 70 spoonfuls of sugar a week.
Our report A Spoonful of Sugar? aims to challenge the appalling drinking habits of British children ­ only 12% of them choose to drink water.
Children won't drink water unless we improve its appeal and that's why Highland Spring pioneered the UK's first bottled water for children with the launch of Looney Tunes Water.