Britain’s major seafood supplier, Young’s Bluecrest, has rolled out what it claims is a pioneering ‘boat to plate’ traceability system, called Young’s Trace, in the Scottish langoustine fishery.
Young’s said the system had not only improved sustainability and traceability, but had boosted revenues by more accurately targeting fishing efforts. The system has been tested in partnership with fishermen in Stornoway for the past two years.
Director of scampi for Young’s, Mike Mitchell, said: “Young’s Trace gives the fishermen a much clearer understanding of where to find the best langoustine and of how the fishery should be managed in the long term. For us as processors it promises improved quality and a more sustainable fishery.
“And in the future we’ll have the option of labelling every product with information about where the fish were caught and when - even the name of the boat.”
Langoustine is now said to be the UK’s most important fishery by value.
Work is also beginning to develop similar systems in other fisheries that supply Young’s around the world.