Sir; On behalf of the team at Central Food Retail Thailand, I would like to say thank you and your Academy of Experts for placing us no3 in The World's Greatest Food Retailers.You have made a team of 6,000 people very proud. Many people are interested in our story where we have been the fastest-growing company in a market dominated by hypermarkets.

As a British veteran, with 41 years in the industry, I regard this recognition as one of my proudest achievements and probably the most prestigious in my entire career. We are already working hard on trying to do even better. We have launched four new concept 3,000 sq ft stores and next month we open our first on a Caltex petrol station.

This month we will open our first new international supermarket concept. The signage will be in Japanese and English, because it is in a community with 7,500 Japanese and many other nationalities. We will have three Japanese versions by May 2007.