Zig-Zag is spending a packet so retailers can make a packet. The cigarette rolling paper supplier is investing £1.75m in taxi advertising in major cities such as Birmingham, Bristol, Manchester and Glasgow, backed with illuminated posters and legal ads in telephone boxes.

The initiative emphasises the superior stickiness of Zig-Zag rolling papers. Ads in consumer magazines will continue and will be supported by a new website: www.zigzagpapers.com.

The activity coincides with the launch of Extra Slim Filter Tip Rods. These are filter tips, which are wrapped in cellophane, six to each rod, with 20 rods then packed into a Zig-Zag-branded cigarette type packet. Packs of 20 come in high-visibility display outers, with an rsp of 69p.

Zig-Zag is offering 10 readers the chance to win its smoking accessory range including papers, standard filter tips and the new tips. To enter, fill in the form on the opposite page.