A magazine to accompany the hit TV programme Big Brother is being launched on June 11 by Zone Publishing. Big Brother, The Official Insiders Guide, aims to capitalise on the interest surrounding the popular Channel 4 TV show by carrying exclusive interviews with the contestants, carried out before they entered the house. A second edition, published later in the series, will also carry exclusive interviews with contestants carried out in the later stages of the show. Publisher James Freedman said: "The magazine will be a complete guide to the Big Brother show and its contestants. It will contain exclusive photographs and interviews with contestants as well as quizzes and interviews with psychologists." The format has already proved popular in other European countries, with the French version selling around 200,000 copies. Freedman says the initial print run of the UK publication will be 120,000 ­ and to maximise publicity it will be promoted via trails on Channel 4. Freedman advises retailers to display Big Brother, The Official Insiders Guide, on the counter for maximum impact or with other celebrity and entertainment titles, such as Heat. "We've high hopes for the title," said Freedman. "The ratings for Big Brother are going up and up." The first issue goes on sale on June 11, with a second issue planned to hit shelves on July 12. Cover price £3; distribution by Comag. {{CTN }}