Retailers look set for a reprieve on the tobacco display ban after Conservative shadow health minister Mike Penning hinted a Conservative administration would revisit the issue.

The ban is not set to take effect until 2011, more than a year into the next parliament. Penning suggested Conservatives may use this time to hold another vote on the ban. Conservative MPs received a free vote when the Bill was passed last month and were likely to be given one again.

"The draft regulations are not due to come into force until 2011," Penning told MPs in the Commons. "This House will take a view before regulations come into force. It is as plain and simple as that."

C-stores might welcome the Conservative stance on tobacco, but the news is less sunny for organic shadow secretary of state for Defra Nick Herbert is not a fan. "We should not always see the debate polarised in a way that's about organic or non-organic," he told The Grocer. "Instead, we should look at more sustainable forms of food production that don't necessarily have to be organic."

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