The bacon market has been "terrible" said retiring Provision Trade Federation chairman Mike Newitt, speaking at this week's annual lunch. "But prices are beginning to rise now that the oversupply situation has passed." Victory in saving the use of the name yogurt and over-strong sterling were other themes covered. Although the euro has sunk as low as 57p, the strong pound "has not sucked in imports to the extent that many might have expected". The PTF has expressed sympathy for the plight of pig farmers, whose prices fell to an all-time low. But he regretted the tone of the British generic pigmeat advertising. "It is a pity they chose to react in the way they did by making inferences about the quality and welfare standards of imported products." Newitt welcomed the successful outcome of PTF lobbying to save the use of the name yogurt, following a concerted campaign by dairy industries in other countries to force the use of the term fermented milk'. {{PROVISIONS }}