A new internet system which could cut the trade's wine buying costs is going online this month. An internet based wine buying and selling operation winetradeprocess.net (WTPN) has been designed to link the two sides of the transaction. Chief executive Peter Maxwell said: "The growers can place their wines in an electronic catalogue and the buyers can purchase from the web site. What we aim to do is drive down the costs and provide a net shop window." He claimed the average cost of making an order could drop by 60%. "The UK multiples will go for this because of cost and efficiency benefits. The buyers will still need to taste the wine but this cuts down the bureaucracy and the transaction time. The sale is safe because it is handled by Visa." WTPN has set up a strategic partnership with Infobank Electronic Commerce Systems whose software provides a platform that offers multi language and currency options. WTPN will make its money through a transaction fee based on the size of the orders made. There will also be a membership fee for suppliers which will be waived for the first year. {{DRINKS }}