Danish gammon prices coming into August have dropped 10p and 12p a pound against the increasingly tight pig numbers. One explanation is seasonal rather than commercial. "There are all French and Danish ham factories which have closed down for their holidays, so they can't sell them the legs this month," one trade told The Grocer. "Although they'd rather sell legs, if the ham lines stop working, they'll sell gammons ­ even if it puts more pressure on their own factory time in Denmark. It's not as though this is the season to discount gammons in the UK." Rasher prices have also eased slightly, but not by as much as gammon. Middles in particular have eased, while British backs have eased 5p a pound, rind on and rindless. "Demand is fairly flat," said one wholesaler. In the back rasher trade, his frustration with low Dutch prices is understandable. But the variable weather and cold summer is a more likely explanation for a slack gammon trade. {{PROVISIONS }}