We would expect to see a generic logo to help identify our products' Brazil to push potential of more exotic varieties Plans are in the pipeline to promote papaya, mangoes, passionfruit and a smooth skinned variety of melon called Mossoro this year, according to Eduardo Klotz, president of the Brazilian Food Industries Association. The organisation believes these products should be given priority as part of a new drive to encourage supermarkets to recognise the potential. Gala apple growers are already promoting fruit on their own account with British retailers this spring. Klotz was in the UK last week as part of a trade mission to explore opportunities and has already held preliminary discussions with Patrick Gooch of marketing consultants RGS. He envisages that once the framework of the campaign has been established, that Brazilian growers, particularly those in newly developing production regions, will be meeting part of the cost will take on the promotion. "We would also expect to see the establishment of a new generic logo to help identify our products," he added. As part of the campaign which will spread across Europe, funded by a $8m budget, Taste of Brazil' will feature in the SIAL food exhibition in October. {{FRESH PRODUCE }}