Sir; It is naive of so many of your correspondents, and your editor for that matter, to believe that the Big Three in bacon ­ the British, the Danes and the Dutch ­ will ever be prepared to sink part of their valuable promotional monies into a generic campaign. Given the feeling in the market at the moment, both above and below the surface, it will be some considerable time before the climate is right to bring them together for such a drive. What's needed is some quiet diplomacy to take out the more extreme comment. An all-embracing body, and why not the PTF, should then sit down with the participating parties to consider ways of increasing bacon usage. One can well understand the plight of British farmers, but threatening to dump lorry-loads of pig manure on the doorsteps of the Dutch and Danes is not the answer. As your correspondents have made clear, unless the quality and welfare rows are tempered, our ever-confused shoppers will vote with their purses and stop buying all bacon, and that helps no one. J Clifton Southend {{LETTERS }}