The tsunami disaster in the Indian Ocean is set to have far-reaching implications for the world’s fish supply chains.
Along with the impact on logistics, some prices are set to rise as strain is placed on other seas as major users of seafood seek alternative supplies.
The UK’s biggest seafood supplier, Young’s, buys several species from a number of countries affected by the tsunami, particularly tuna from the Maldives and Sri Lanka. The region is also a major supplier of shrimp, especially Thailand.
Young’s has been in close contact with its regional suppliers. Mike Parker, deputy chief executive, said: “At this
stage, it is impossible to predict all the repercussions. The local destruction of fishing resources and infrastructure is just the start - no-one can fully predict all the long-term impacts.
“We expect an unfolding series of effects on the worldwide seafood market in coming months. However, our primary concern is to work as closely as possible with our many contacts in the region and help wherever we can in the effort to get local communities back on their feet.”