Jacob’s has downsized its savoury biscuit brand Tuc to target lunchboxes with the birth of Baby Tuc.
The impulse bags will initially be available in six 30g multipacks (rsp: £1.05) from June 24 in two flavours - Original and Barbecue.
They will be followed a month later by the launch of two impulse formats: loose 30g bags for impulse outlets (rsp: 30p) and on pubcards at an rsp of 35p per bag.
Jacob’s is backing the launch with a £1m, four-week TV ad campaign beginning in September with the strapline ‘Just like Tuc, but smaller’.
Tuc brand manager Jo Simmonds said: “Our research has shown strong demand for Baby Tuc, and this new launch will support our aim to become number one in family snacking.”