Sir; A hearty congratulations to Tulip Bacon in Scotland for pioneering the £150,000 investment in category management­an excellent example of modern and forward thinking category management. I was, however, pleased to learn that Tulip is endeavouring "to entice" shoppers to make purchases "across a range of bacon products". But which bit of "enticing the consumer" has Tulip Bacon failed to understand. Perhaps it's presenting its own product on a 4ft section, with overhead panels, and dressed up in yellow neon and bright red POS! Very good to see that they've left more than 16ft of boring, sterile shelf space for all of the own-label products! Good to see true category management principles alive and well within the Danish bacon industry! I was also very pleased to see that Tulip's findings replicated those of the first full bacon category management project which I co-ordinated over 12 months ago with a major retailer. Yours (eyes still suffering from the bright yellow POS), Ian Hughes Group marketing director Key Country Foods {{LETTERS }}