A German producer and a South African distributor have joined forces to launch what they claim is a mould breaking Italian wine in the UK. Racke International will make its UK debut this month with the help of Edward Cavendish, the UK subsidiary of South African wine exporter KWV. They are introducing Vitae (rsp: £5.99), a Sangiovese varietal from Tuscany, which will be the first of a series of wines they are planning to tempt UK drinkers with. Vitae has already had successful launches in other European countries. Cavendish md Gary Procter said: "Racke has been investing heavily on new branded concepts and we are working on several projects for the UK. "At Cavendish we have got rid of a tail of lesser products and intend to focus on developing brands in partnership with the retailers. We will be talking to the trade about how we manage the brands." {{DRINKS }}