The Day Chocolate Company has added two new variants to its Divine Fairtrade chocolate range. Already listed in Oxfam shops and independent healthfood stores, the 100g white chocolate and milk chocolate with hazelnut bars are now rolling out to other outlets. Both flavours will retail at £1.09. The white chocolate newcomer, which contains vanilla and 26% cocoa butter, sports silver packaging and features the brand's red heart logo. Its sibling has 28% cocoa, with cocoa butter and chopped hazelnuts, and comes in a gold wrapper with a hazelnut image. As with all the firm's Divine and Dubble products, the new bars carry the Fairtrade Mark, which guarantees the cocoa bean farmers a fair price, as well as the assurance of long-term contracts. The four-year-old Day Chocolate Company is part-owned by a co-operative of 40,000 Ghanaian cocoa farmers, ethical coffee traders Twin Trading and Body Shop International. It is also supported by the Comic Relief and Christian Aid charities. {{MARKETING }}