Tesco in Cardiff checked in the cheapest basket at £11.37, which was £1.61 cheaper than the Co-op in West Bridgeford's basket, where higher prices on Tetley tea, Orangina and Ribena took its total to £12.98. Our shopper's woes at Asda continued as the Frijj shake, Evian still mineral water and Ribena Light cordial could not be found on shelf. But it had the keenest priced Kaliber at £2.32
Morrisons had the lowest price on Ribena at £1.47 compared to a high of £1.88 at Safeway. Special offers on Orangina in four chains included 3 litres for the price of two and 50% extra free.
At Somerfield a 2-litre bottle of Orangina was checked out at £1.35 instead of its offer price of 99p.