Typhoo is brewing up a new battle in the tea market with the launch of Typhoo Fruit & Herb, its first brand extension in more than a decade.
The new range takes the 101-year-old brand into one of the few growth areas in the tea market and replaces its Premier Foods stablemate The London Fruit & Herb collection.
The launch follows rival Tetley’s decision in January to ditch its Tea:Therapy brand in favour of a three-strong fruit and herb range called Tetley Plus.
Rolling out from the beginning of May, the new Typhoo collection comprises
eight individual brews, including Cherry Charger, Blackcurrant Bracer, Echinacea with Orange and Perky Pink Grapefruit, as well as two selection packs. All contain 20 bags and retail at 80p. Each variant contains concentrated fruit juice, with the aim of offering a more intense and lasting fruity flavour.
Packaging features strong images aimed at reflecting the company’s understanding that consumers shop the fixture by flavour rather than brand.
The company has modest aims for its new offerings. “We want to retain the London Fruit and Herb accounts and to grow this brand in line with the market,” said a spokeswoman.
The newcomers will share in Typhoo’s £5.6m marketing campaign this year, including dedicated sponsorship of daytime TV programme LK Today. Five separate short ads focus on the brand’s ‘real fruit’ proposition and show people trying to pulp fruit in a variety of messy ways. Instore and in-pack activity are also planned.
Mary Carmichael